About Us

LABURNUM PUBLIC SCHOOL (Coeducation) was founded in 2013. We opened it in the memory of Pt. Mahavir Prasad who really want to spread the awareness of education among the people and educate the upcoming generation. So we present it as a Pt. Mahavir Prasad Education Memorial Society. We have also opened the Triveni Devi Education Trust. We aim to provide education in the ideal environment, surrounded by greenery and to create a next - generation leaders with high ideals and humanity.

It is widely agreed that there is no place like private school to obtain a superior quality education, and our original educational method is well received. Combining both homely warmth and strict discipline in our school community, brings about a mutual respect relationship with teachers while enhancing students character developments. Read more



Laburnum Public School

English coaching classes  |  Dance academy  |   Sports academy  |   Horse riding

s- German and French language - Special workshops for students to enhance their intra -interpersonal skills

Special workshops for parents on Effective Parenting' Fun station for pre-primary

Medical Facility

Equipped medical room with a trained attendant

Learning Techniques

Laburnum Public School

Teaching through audio visual aids   |   ** Child centered value based education

Well stocked library - 100 % participation of students in all activities - Emphasis on holistic growth to promote academic excellence as well as inculcation of sterling moral values, desirable habits and cultured awareness. Active participation by parents in school activities 5- Scholarship for meritorious students.


Equipped Computer lab Personal attention to each chikl Motivation and rewards for excellence   |   Project based learning   |   Separate wing for Tiny Tots - Whole campus under CCTV surveillance


Laburnum Public School

The school buses have been deployed to transport the students all over.

About Faculty

Laburnum Public School

Our faculty members with their diverse educational and personal background bring to this campus a rich variety of knowledge and experience that contributes to global awareness and a better understanding of education. LPS teachers have a commitment to the students that stretches from classroom to athletic field. They share the joy of a child who has worked hard to complete a project, and the pain of a losing team. They know when to listen, when to advice and when to simply give the children time to sort through things on their own. They are Determined, Dedicated and Demonstrative.

Play School & Pre Primary Classes

Laburnum Public School

Education is meant to prepare the citizens of tomorrow and these future citizens take up their careers under the guidance of learned teachers according to the aptitude and flair the possess. The students of nursery classes are educated in an informal way through play-way method, with the help of modern aids to develop their latent skills to help them bloom in to self - reliant individuals.


Laburnum Public School

• Houses to inculcate a spirit of competition and leadership Dramatics, Quiz etc.
• Inter - school and Inter - house competitions
• Social works

Games & Sports

Laburnum Public School

LPS lays great emphasis on sports and games, believing firmly that through this medium a child can imbibe the basic human qualities of fair play, sportsmanship, a spirit if competition and qualities of leadership. There are regular and ample timing for sports. The school has large playground and provides all facilities for sports and games such as Cricket Volleyball, Football, Badminton, Throw ball, chess etc.


Laburnum Public School

Education at our school is a combination of participation and interaction, which makes learning meaningful and enjoyable. Homework assignments are not a carry i over of class work but oriented towards m enhancing individual talents. This t includes suggested books for reading, m physical and sports development, Kt general knowledge, civic responsibilities, talent cultivation etc.


Laburnum Public School

We offer a range of activities for our students. This is a step towards the holistic development of each student. The activities will be offered for classes IV onwards.

• Science and Environmental Club
• Cookery Club
• Stitching & Knitting Club
• QuizClub
• Dance Club
• Sweet Melodies
• Aerobics Club
• Public Speaking Club

• Gardening Club
• AryabhattaClub
• Sculpture Club
• Heritage Club
• Art & Craft Club
• Calligraphy Club


Laburnum Public School

At Laburnum Public School we understand the importance of direct source of knowledge and acquaintance of students with first hand information and development of aesthetic sense. Keeping this in mind we have plan trips for our students.

• Visit to the Green Grocer
• Visit to the Fire Station
• Visit to ISKON Temple
• Visit to Traffic Park

• Visit to Transport Museum
• Visit to Nehru Planetarium
• Visit to Rail Museum
• Visit to Lohagarh Farms