Education is the foremost gift of the society to the future generations and we here, at Laburnum Public School, understand the importance of healthy and ethical education that must be imparted to a child. This reputed shrine of education was founded in the year 2013 in the memory of Pandit Mahavir Prasad. He himself was an admirer of quality education and wanted to serve the society with the best of education, hence flourishing the upcoming generations.

Education is not confined to just classrooms and exams, we believe,  it’s a heavenly deed of imparting character to a nurturing mind. That’s why we always try to maintain a great relationship among the students and their teachers. The teachers are much friendly and provide care and discipline learning both to the students. Every student is treated equally well while maintaining due attention and care to each one of them. The diverse education curriculum adopted by us helps in maintaining a feeling of mutual understanding between the student and the teacher.

The school tries it’s best to focus on the overall development of every child avoiding any sort of cramming and encouraging deep learning at its par. Our students are treated well to land themselves in the universities of their choice and serving the society through all their learnings. Leadership qualities are introduced very delicately yet sharply to the children. We know that a leader is someone who motivates his peers and sets higher aims to achieve both for himself and the team. We have the following positions in the student council :

Laburnum Public School educates the children in accordance to the syllabus approved by the CBSE using engaging activities and self-learning demonstrations. And thus, ensures no drawback in the 360 degree development of a child’s character.