Sports Activities


Sports Activities

The 360 degree development of a child’s brain and body needs to be supported by outdoor games and sports events. We, at Laburnum Public School, are well aware of the significance of sports in a child’s physical and mental development. They are helpful in generating qualities like leadership, team work, discipline and self-motivation.

The sports activities are an integral part of our school curriculum and we have ample facilities to help our students in various National and International sports events by NSNIS certified coaches. We have 4 sports periods per class in a week. Sports coaches are a part of school staff who are always there to teach the students within school hours and even after the classes are over.

Outdoor and indoor games have equal facilities and opportunities for the students. The school campus is well-equipped with cricket ground, basketball court, football field, tennis table, badminton nets etc. The sports club in includes a variety of sports like chess, cricket, volleyball, badminton, yoga, basketball, etc.

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